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SBounty - Project

  1 minute read

Sbounty is a script that leverages a combination of tools developed in bash and golang to create pipelines aimed at detecting vulnerabilities in web applications. This tool analyzes the routes obtained from a given URL in order to identify potential vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQLi, CORS, LFI, SSTI, Open Redirect, and SSRF.

Spotify CSV Exporter - Project

  1 minute read

This tool automates the process of exporting Spotify playlists and favorite songs in an organized manner, generating CSV files. It leverages the Sportify project to accomplish this. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to seamlessly migrate to other platforms or re-import the playlists back into Spotify, ensuring a smooth transition.

RDPShoot - Project

  1 minute read

title= This tool captures screenshots of Windows machines that have RDP enabled and NLA disabled, checks for open ports and disabled NLA, then transcribes text using OCR to generate a list of users from the captured images.

Grepz - Project

  2 minute read

grepz Grepz is a versatile command-line tool for searching and highlighting specific terms or regex in a text file. Its customizable color options and ability to display lines before and after a match provide context, and it also offers a special reporting mode that highlights matches with a box.