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Hill Cipher - Project

  1 minute read

The Hill cipher was proposed by Lester S. Hill in 1929, which is a polygraph substitution cryptosystem that uses the product of matrices to perform operations based on using a matrix as a key to encrypt a plaintext and its inverse to decrypt the corresponding cryptogram.

Browser Data Trojan for Windows - Project

  3 minute read

This client-server project allows the client to recompile all the information from the Chrome, Edge and OperaGX browsers and then compresses it and send it to the server via TCP to the server, although it also has the option of doing so via Stmp, on the other hand the server allows decrypting all files, including passwords, cookies, etc

IPGeo Grabber Omegle - Project

  2 minute read

This script allows to obtain the geolocation of the stranger in a video chat on the Omegle platform in real time through the capture of the public IP, thanks to the Peer-to-Peer communication with WebRTC that follows the web.

TV Time - Project

  less than 1 minute read

This script shows you how long it has taken you to watch a series or all your favorite series.

Reactions - Project

  1 minute read

reactions Reactions is an application with which you can test your reflexes and get in milliseconds or seconds your reaction speed. The application was made with the Flutter framework and programmed in Dart.

T.C.A.E Protocols - Project

  less than 1 minute read

T.C.A.E Protocols is an Android application that displays the various nursing assistant protocols, also allows saving in favorites and quick search.

Burguer King Sandy Bot - Project

  less than 1 minute read

This code allows you to automatically take the surveys and get a code which you have to write on the front of a Burger King ticket. You will get a free MiniSandy or a free coffee. Only in Spain.

Whatsapp Web Spammer - Project

  less than 1 minute read

WhatsApp Web Spammer is a script that specifying the target (name of the victim), sends a number of messages that can be modified in the code automatically, and you will only have to scan the QR code of WhatsApp Web one time.

White Shark 3D - Project

  less than 1 minute read

White Shark 3D is a 3d modeling project, in which it was tried to be as faithful to the image of a white shark … less in the textures (despite being made by hand).

Walldown - Project

  less than 1 minute read

WallDown is a mobile application that allows you to view wallpapers based on a catalog or your own, and then set them as wallpaper on your device or download them.