Wappacvez - Project

2 minute read

  2 minute read

Wappacvez is a command-line tool that analyzes a web application by using a dockerized Wappalyzer. It then extracts the software for which a version is detected, and finally employs the uCVE tool to search for associated CVEs. The output can be exported in HTML or CSV format, depending on the user’s preference.


  • Linux or Mac
  • Go (version 1.16+)
  • Docker


To install Wappacvez, run the following command:

go install -v github.com/shockz-offsec/wappacvez@latest

or via building via repository

git clone https://github.com/shockz-offsec/Wappacvez.git
cd Wappacvez
go build -o wappacvez wappacvez.go

Download the compiled binary for Linux or MacOS

Download the latest version


wappacvez -u <url> [-cvss value] [-lg value] [-oHTML value.html] [-oCSV value.csv]
  • -u: URL to scan (mandatory)
  • -cvss: Filter vulnerabilities by CVSS [critical,high,medium,low,none] (default: all)
  • -lg: Set language of information [en,es] (default: en)
  • -oHTML: Save CVEs list in HTML file [filename] (default: report.html)
  • -oCSV: Save CVEs list in CSV file [filename]
The only mandatory argument is the url


wappacvez -u "https://www.nasa.gov" -oHTML "nasa.html" -cvss critical,high



Wappacvez will proceed to install Docker and build my Wappalyzer image and install uCVE on the system.

Due to the limitations of using the Wappalyzer core versus the extension, it is possible that some websites may not detect all software versions compared to the extension.
We considered using the official API, but this free API has more limitations in terms of queries and results.

Dockerized Wappalyzer

Dockerized version of Wappalyzer developed for this tool.


With the following command the latest available version will be installed and executed.

docker run --rm shockzoffsec/wappalyzer:latest <url> [arguments]

All Wappalyzer options are allowed.

  wappalyzer <url> [options]

  wappalyzer https://www.example.com
  node cli.js https://www.example.com -r -D 3 -m 50 -H "Cookie: username=admin"
  docker wappalyzer/cli https://www.example.com --pretty

  -b, --batch-size=...       Process links in batches
  -d, --debug                Output debug messages
  -t, --delay=ms             Wait for ms milliseconds between requests
  -h, --help                 This text
  -H, --header               Extra header to send with requests
  --html-max-cols=...        Limit the number of HTML characters per line processed
  --html-max-rows=...        Limit the number of HTML lines processed
  -D, --max-depth=...        Don't analyse pages more than num levels deep
  -m, --max-urls=...         Exit when num URLs have been analysed
  -w, --max-wait=...         Wait no more than ms milliseconds for page resources to load
  -p, --probe=[basic|full]   Perform a deeper scan by performing additional requests and inspecting DNS records
  -P, --pretty               Pretty-print JSON output
  --proxy=...                Proxy URL, e.g. 'http://user:pass@proxy:8080'
  -r, --recursive            Follow links on pages (crawler)
  -a, --user-agent=...       Set the user agent string
  -n, --no-scripts           Disabled JavaScript on web pages
  -N, --no-redirect          Disable cross-domain redirects
  -e, --extended             Output additional information
  --local-storage=...        JSON object to use as local storage
  --session-storage=...      JSON object to use as session storage
  --defer=ms                 Defer scan for ms milliseconds after page load





This tool is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.