Money Flowz - Hack The Box Challenge

less than 1 minute read

  less than 1 minute read


Frank Vitalik is a hustler, can you figure out where the money flows?


Search for Frank Vitalik in Google, you’ll fins his Reddit post:

Which it contains a link to etherscan address acc.

We can see the address is involved with 28,394 transactions at the moment.

However, since anyone can send a transaction to the address, we can rule these out as noise as the flag would be given by Frank Vitalik — that is, something to do with an outgoing transaction.

Since there are not a lot of transactions on this account, we can use the Etherscan web UI to find the outgoing transactions (otherwise we may interrogate a node/API with code to fetch all the outgoing transactions).

You will have to search and search until you find a transaction from when the first address joined the network, to make it easy for you, I will give you the link even so it tries to find it.

To read the flag you have to “see more” and then view the input as UTF-8